Raveena Tandon: “My house has become like Dr Dolittle’s home’

Muhammad Arsalan ArabWeb Editor

09th Jul, 2021. 08:20 pm
Raveena Tandon

People are now smiling as Raveena Tandon explained the tale behind this comparison on Instagram.

Raveena Tandon recently wrote that her home has taken on the appearance of the fictional figure Dr. Dolittle. People are now smiling because of the story behind this comparison. There’s a chance that the post will win your heart as well.

The former Bollywood star highlighted on Instagram how newborn animals frequently visit her home, Neelaya. She compared her home to that of Dr. Dolittle, a fictional physician whose home was frequented by animals because he could communicate with them.

“Rescuing these animal babies is a regular thing at Neelaya, my house has become like “Dr Dolittle’s” home, three owls, one monkey, a baby bat, numerous pigeons, a few parakeet, and kittens actually turn up right at our address to be rescued, the owls flew in , the monkey turned up on our tree, with his collar and leash dangling obviously someone had illegally kept him captive and he broke away, escaped and turned up on our doorstep, and the baby bat fell flat out of a nest on our terrace,” Tandon wrote. She continued with a few sentences on how the animals were released with the help of Peta India. Her post includes a few pictures of the animals.

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