Ride Malfunction Endangers Riders at National Cherry Festival

Roman AhmedWeb Editor

10th Jul, 2021. 07:22 pm

The 95th Annual National Cherry Festival was in full swing, in the Arnold.

A frightening moment at the 95th Annual National Cherry Festival in Traverse City, when an apparent problem with one of the rides was caught on video.

Information regarding the incident is very limited at the moment, but a ride seems to have malfunctioned.

A witness present at the scene stated that the incident took place around 11 p.m.

The video shows The Magic Carpet Ride starting to sway forward and back.

The video was taken by witnesses present in the park, it seems that the power was cut in an effort to stop the ride after it started sloping back and forth.

People at the festival ran over and stood on one end of the ride to keep it from slanting over.

Whereas no official statement has been made by the National Cherry Festival or Arnold Amusements.

When riders walked off the decking, while the crowd applauded while others hugged their loved ones.

On the contrary, so far no injuries have been reported after the incident.00:06

Furthermore, the ride was already been disassembled for the evaluation process.







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