Saudi Arabia launches Hajj Smart Card to improve technical facilities for Pilgrims

Roman AhmedWeb Editor

14th Jul, 2021. 07:26 pm

Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Hajj and Umrah has hurled Hajj smart cards to improve the digital services and enable the expedition of pilgrims while executing the ceremonials of Hajj. 

The Hajj smart Card “Shaaer” comprises nearby field communication technology (NFC), which permits pilgrims to scan their cards through self-service devices that will be obtainable at the holy sites.

The Hajj smart card offers many facilities including the pilgrim’s personal, medical and residential information.

It will also donate to supervisory pilgrims to their residence at holy sites and allowing entry to the numerous amenities.

Deputy Minister of Hajj and Umrah for Hajj and Umrah Services Dr. Amr Al-Maddah said that Saudi Arabia has always tried to help the pilgrims during Hajj seasons.

Whereas, the Hajj smart Card has been hurled to ample the Hajj’s technical system, which comes as part of incessant planning and developments to deliver the best services throughout Hajj season.

Dr. Amr Al-Maddah added that pilgrims, through the card’s submission, can classify the meeting points and departure times to and from their residence at the holy sites.

Pilgrims will also be able to select the daily meals. This is in addition to receiving notifications from the control center.

He noted that pilgrims can appraise the provided services through the questionnaire on the request in order to recover the ministry’s technical services and digital solutions.

He concluded that each card has one color-coding of the following four colors; green, red, yellow, and blue. The coding attaches cardholders to their houses at the holy sites.


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