Scarlett Johansson gushes over her daughter ‘shadowing’ her

Hina MasoodWeb Editor

09th Jul, 2021. 04:16 pm

Scarlett Johansson, an American actress, recently sat down for an interview and gushed about her daughter Rose’s adorable behaviors.

During an interview on the Kelly Clarkson Show, the actor wore her heart on her sleeve, stating, “She shadows me, like, all the time, which is wonderful.”

“And I know that it’s something that I’m sure in a few years she’s not going to want to have anything to do with me and I should soak it all up.”

She added, “But there’s definitely times where she’s on the other side of the bathroom door and I’m like, ‘Rose you gotta give me a minute! Everybody needs their time’.”

Scarlett also offered her Holy Grail parenting wisdom, which she received from her mother and nicknamed the “one bite rule,” during her interview.

It includes giving children control over their choices, with the ‘rule’ that they must take at least one bite before making a ‘informed choice.’

Johansson explained, “I think [it’s best] just letting kids discover food that way without making it feel like a chore. I’ve never tried to force my kid to eat anything she didn’t like, and I never tried to hide any foods from her because I was trying to pack in an extra carrot. I’m just like, ‘If you don’t like carrots, you don’t have to eat them’.”

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