Taliban claim 85% of Afghan region under their control

Roman AhmedWeb Editor

09th Jul, 2021. 10:53 pm
taliban afghanistan

The Afghan Taliban claimed that 85% of Afghanistan’s territory was under their control as the group sustained its aggressiveness due to the US military extraction.

At a press conference in Moscow,

Taliban negotiator Shahabuddin Delawar addressed a press conference in Moscow that stated that “85% of Afghanistan’s territory” is under the group’s control, including some 250 of the country’s 398 districts.

“All administrative bodies and hospitals continue their work on this territory. We ensured their functionality,” he said, “not to interrupt their missions.” calling on international organizations.

Delawar said that the US extraction was an outcome of the Taliban carrying Afghanistan’s populace to their side under the “principle of Islam”.

“The United States was forced to leave our territory,” he said.

Furthermore, he stated that there was no contract done with the United States for the Taliban not to attack managerial centers lasting under Kabul’s governances.

“These are our internal affairs,” Delawar said.

1,000 Afghan troops have fled to Tajikistan after a scorching aggressiveness by the Taliban in the north of Afghanistan.

Afghan establishments have sworn to acquire all the districts defeated to the group and arrayed hundreds of commandos to counter them in the north.

Moscow is closely watching the security of Central Asian countries where it maintains military bases.

Russian foreign ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said that the “Taliban currently controls about two-thirds” of Afghanistan’s border with ex-Soviet Tajikistan.

On the contrary, a Taliban delegation in Moscow met with the Kremlin’s emissary for Afghanistan, Zamir Kabulov, while the Russian foreign ministry unconstrained a statement saying that it had established declarations that Central Asian borders would not be desecrated.

US President Joe Biden fortified his country’s extraction from Afghanistan, though he acknowledged that it was “highly unlikely” Kabul would be capable to control the complete country.


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