Policeman puts his life in danger to save the girl from suicide, watch video

Raba NoorWeb Editor

26th Jul, 2021. 10:37 pm
police saved girl from suicide

A video of a Faridabad metro station in the city of Hart, India, has gone viral on social media in which a police constable saved a girl from suicide without caring about his own life.

According to Indian media, a girl was trying to jump on the metro station and commit suicide, while the people present there immediately informed the police.

When the police reached there, they tried to divert the woman’s attention so much that Constable Sarfraz reached the woman walking on the corner of the balcony and saved her from jumping from the other side.

According to media reports, the woman is from Delhi while she works for a company in Faridabad. It is feared that due to overwork and constant stress, she decided to take her life.

Watch video:


The video was shared on the verified Twitter account of Faridabad Police on which a large number of users paid homage to Constable Sarfraz and said prayers for him.

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