Twitter wishes to enlist your assistance in creating new privacy features

Shariq TahirWeb Editor

07th Jul, 2021. 03:50 pm
Twitter wishes to enlist your assistance in creating new privacy features

Twitter has published designs for four features that might give users more control over who can see, read, and find their accounts, and it wants public feedback on what it showed. The first of these additions would make it easy for users who have protected accounts to make their tweets publicly available when replying to non-followers.

“If you have a protected account and reply to someone who isn’t following you, you may not know they can’t see your reply,” Twitter users experience designer Lena Emara noted in a thread. One suggestion is to include a prompt that alerts people of this fact, as well as the opportunity to instantly turn their tweets to the public.

Another potential feature would be beneficial to those who have many accounts. Emara posted a mockup of an interface feature that would allow you to switch accounts directly from Twitter’s primary composing window. Furthermore, the new design would allow you to see the name, handle, and privacy status of your accounts all in one location at a glance.

Emara’s other two ideas are more concerned with privacy. One of them describes a feature that would check in with users on a regular basis to see if they are satisfied with their current discoverability and conversation settings, and would make it simple to change them as needed without visiting the app’s settings menu.

Finally, the second would set up a system to warn you when someone searches for your username, giving you more control over whether your account is discoverable in this manner. This has the potential to be huge in terms of reducing online harassment.

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