Why Strings split after 33 years

Shaikh Abdul RafayWeb Editor

10th Jul, 2021. 03:52 pm

Growing up listening to the songs like ‘Dor’ and ‘Yeh hai meri Kahani’, it was heartbreaking for the fans as well as for the music industry to seeing Strings parting their ways. Faisal Kapadia and Bilal Maqsood announced the end of their journey in an emotional post on Facebook in the month of March.

They put forth a polite statement thanking their fans for showering love and support to them throughout the years. To finish the confusion among the fans, Faisal has now given an insight into the move in a recent interview on a show. Both, Faisal and Bilal, explicated to the host, Mihir Joshi, that the decision to abandon Strings was always in the back of their minds. They said that the band could live forever but it was the time when they had to think about themselves and their families.

Their decision to quit the music industry was noticeably shocking for everyone yet they wanted to clear the air before something negative and obnoxious starts circulating the internet. They said that they are truly humbled and grateful for the amount of respect given to them by the fans which is the reason that they could happily come to a decision to end their journey on a good note.

They further revealed that it was not an easy decision to make and every year they would be perplexed about whether they should stop just now or give it some more time. Since it was Bilal’s and Faisal’s 50th birthday which they thought was a good time to make an announcement. Although it was shocking news yet the fans respected their decision and bid farewell to the band by recalling their super hit songs and memorable moments.

Strings was formed in 1988 with merely four band members namely Bilal Maqsood, Faisal Kapadia, Rafiq Wazir Ali and Kareem Bashir Bhoy. However, they disbanded in 1992 and returned after 7 years in 1999 comprising of only two band members Bilal and Faisal.


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