Afghanistan’s stance on ambassador’s daughter kidnapping far from reality: Qureshi

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10th Aug, 2021. 10:08 pm
FM Qureshi rebuffs Indian Media's irresponsible fuss

Afghanistan’s stance on the inquiries into the suspected abduction of its diplomat’s daughter is not near to reality, stated Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi.

Afghan delegation visited Pakistan last week and some evidence and conclusions were shared with them.

The delegation was briefed on characteristics of inquiry led by the pertinent establishments, claimed the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

“Nothing was hidden from the Afghan delegation, everything was communicated in detail,” said Qureshi.

“We cared about the privacy of the Alikhel family.”

Qureshi further stated that if Afghanistan wants this inquiry to be completed soon, the ambassador should be propelled back and his daughter’s attendance will be obligatory for identifying and as well as for other info.

“Our intentions are clean as ever.”

Whereas a statement made by the Afghan MoFA said Pakistan botched to cut sufficient data required for “further technical investigations.”

The statement further mentions that the medical report from the hospital “clearly indicated” that Silsila Alikhel, daughter of Najibullah Alikhel was “abducted and tortured.”

The kidnapping of the Afghan ambassador

Whereas the daughter of the ambassador was kidnapped for numerous hours and arduous by anonymous men in Islamabad on July 16.

She was then relocated to the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences after the attack. Dr. Waseem Khawaja, a spokesperson for the hospital, established that the ambassador’s daughter was transported to the medical facility and she had “rope marks” on her wrists and ankles.

The medical report states that the 26-year-old was abducted around 1:45 pm and unconstrained at 7 pm. There were marks as the result of ropes on her wrist and ankles and swelling.


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