Apple iPhone 13 has incredible new photo and video features

Suhaib Ahmed

13th Aug, 2021. 10:31 pm
iPhone 13 will feature satellite communication connectivity

Apple iPhone 13 could be getting even better video quality and new photo features a focused camera and brings along with some amazing creative tools to both video and photography.

The most amazing feature is the ability to shoot and edit videos using the tool ProRes. The users who love to shoot videos would get benefit from this new amazing feature as it contains a high-quality format that tries to reduce the quality loss that comes with compression while creating files that can be edited with negligible fuss. This new format is used on Macs and Apple’s own Final Cut editing software. This might be limited to the Pro models, but it would be weighty for creators who shoot on their phones but then edit their shots later.

However, the form it will use in the phone is still not known, ProRes moreover allows the generation of proxy files. These files are smaller and more manageable, and can be edited on low-power systems, and can be later converted to high-quality versions for the final render.

The control and wide support for ProRes make this worthy. Moving files from iPhone to Mac would allow more creative control during editing and reserve more detail. In professional cinema, like Arri Alexa which can record in ProRes for certain video types. It is also supported by BlackMagic cameras, even though that company has now its compression system for new models.


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