Ayesha Akram narrates 2.5-hour nightmare at Minar-e-Pakistan

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18th Aug, 2021. 11:42 pm
Ayesha Akram

The female TikToker Ayesha Akram, narrated the nightmare which she faced. She revealed the entire episode of harassment, groping and molestation lasted for 2.5 hours.

In an interview, Ayesha said the whole thing started with the mob trying to take selfies with her as they were at greater Iqbal park to shoot videos for Tiktok.

“It was okay as far as taking a selfie goes but they soon pushed the whole group to a fenced area, and later it was torn down and everyone came pouring in,” she said.

As the mob continued to harass the group, Ayesha said a point came when a small pond came. She thought to herself that maybe that is what she should do: jump into the water. “My team kept telling me to jump, but I couldn’t.”

She said the group even called the Police Helpline number, 15, but to no avail.

“I was tortured from 6:30pm to 9pm,” she said, adding that the mob kept tugging at her hair and propping her up as she lost balance, saying, “she must be faking it, she must be okay”.

“If a woman is not safe in her Pakistan, in her own city, then she is safe no where,” she said while crying

She said that people continued to touch her, grope her and treat her like a “play thing”.

“There is no part of my body which is not bruised,” she added.

Ayesha said that as may be the case when someone may find a woman wearing what they deem to be “objectionable clothing”, this was no such incidence.

“I did not wear any vulgar clothes. I have never worn such clothes, or made vulgar videos. I was in a proper dress. I had got a new one stitched for August 14.

“Before I knew it, I was stripped bare,” she said.

She said calls being made many times to law enforcement to come to her rescue and she managed a meek “help me” for them to hear, but no one came for hours.

“Why was this done? I never did anything wrong to anyone. No one even knew me.

“Is this my punishment for being a daughter of Pakistan?” she questioned.

The Incident: What happened to Tiktok Star Ayesha Akram?

Tiktok star Ayesha Akram was filming videos for her Tiktok account with her group of friends at Lahore’s Greater Iqbal Park near Minar-e-Pakistan on Independence Day when this incident took place and the girl was sexually harassed, groped and stripped by 300-400 men, who went as far as to tear her clothes while passing her around between each other.

These men attacked the Ayesha along with her friends at Minar-e-Pakistan even though the group tried to escape but failed because of the crowd being too large.

According to the details, the park’s security guard tried to help and even opened up the around Minar-e-Pakistan but the crowd followed them as people were scaling the enclosure.

“However, the crowd was huge and people were scaling the enclosure and coming towards us. People were pushing and pulling me to the extent that they tore my clothes. Several people tried to help me but the crowd was too huge and they kept throwing me in the air,” Ayesha Akram said

The mob reportedly took the girl’s ring and earrings as well as stole her friend’s mobile phone, CNIC, and Rs. 15,000 cash on hand while they attacked the group of friends and harassed the girl at Minar-e-Pakistan.


FIR Registered:

In yet another terrifying episode of violence against women amid a rise in such incidences, a woman in Lahore’s Greater Iqbal Park was assaulted by hundreds of men on August 14.

A case has been registered by the police against hundreds of unknown persons for attacking a female TikToker and her friends at the Greater Iqbal Park – Minar e Pakistan on Independence Day.

The FIR has been registered at the Lorry Adda police station against anonymous accused on the grievance of the victim under sections 354 A (assault or use of criminal force against woman and stripping her of her clothes), 382 (theft after preparation made for causing death, hurt or restraint in order to commit the theft), 147 (rioting) and 149 (unlawful assembly) of the Pakistan Penal Code, local media reported.

Ayesha Akram FIR

“However, the crowd was huge and people were scaling the enclosure and coming towards us. People were pushing and pulling me to the extent that they tore my clothes. Several people tried to help me but the crowd was too huge and they kept throwing me in the air,” she said.

The victim stated in her statement to the police that she went to make a video near Minar-e-Pakistan on Independence Day along with her six friends that’s when a huge mob of 300 to 400 people assaulted and harassed them.

She also stated that they strained to escape from the disturbing situation but all in the strain as the crowd was enormous and fierce.

It was also claimed in the statement to the Police that the people attacked them in such a way her clothes were even torn.

During the disturbing episode, her ring and earrings were also snatched, adding that a mobile phone of her friend, and some cash were also stolen, stated the TikToker.

Furthermore, Lahore DIG Operations Sajid Kiyani ordered the superintendent of police (SP) to seize the accused instantly by identifying the suspects from the video circulating on social media.

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