Binance Coin BNB is still one of the most bullish cryptocurrencies

Syed AhadWeb Editor

27th Aug, 2021. 06:30 pm

The coin of Binance is increasing its value one more time, as it continues to rise until yesterday, whereas the other cryptocurrency market decreasing in the last some days.

The price increase to $518 yesterday, which means furthermore than doubling up its value after the smash in May.

That is more than bitcoin’s 70% higher from lower $30,000 and even earlier the trend curved bullish, BNB coin was presenting strength point.

Until May and July Binance coin was higher low point throughout the bearish period when most of the cryptocurrency market was declining.

Binance coin had a high increase of 20 fold in the starting months of this year. That strong flow seems to continue yet again for BNB coin, in spite of Binance exchange being investigated by the banking institution, which is coming from governments.

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