Bitcoin family that is now storing BTC in secret vaults in 4 regions

Syed AhadWeb Editor

12th Aug, 2021. 12:41 am

The family of Didi Taihuttu sold all of their assets and invested in bitcoin when it was approximately $900, it was a good investment.

The majority of their crypto money is being held in underground vaults in four regions.

“I have hidden the hardware wallets across several countries so that I never have to fly very far if I need to access my cold wallet, in order to jump out of the market,” clarified Taihuttu, so-called Bitcoin Family.

The family has two different places in Europe where they hide their crypto money, 2 in Asia, 1 in South America, and 6th in Australia.

The crypto money is not buried none of the locations are underground or on a small island. But they are concealed in various ways and in multiple locations, such as self-storage sites from rented apartments and friends’ houses.

“I prefer to live in a decentralized world where I have the responsibility to protect my capital,” Taihuttu said.

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