Car-like jet skis attract tourists in Egypt’s Mediterranean resort 

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02nd Aug, 2021. 04:40 pm

ALAMEIN, (Egypt): In Egypt’s Mediterranean tourist resort city of New Alamein, beachgoers now start to enjoy riding car-like jet skis which were designed and built by a young man and his two friends. 

“I used to live abroad and I thought about designing the car and putting it up for sale in the Egyptian market,” Karim Amin, the project founder, told Xinhua. 

After moving back to Egypt a year ago, Amin launched the project together with his friends, who had already tried manufacturing Amin’s vehicle, and succeeded in building their first jet ski after three weeks of hard work. 

“All the components we use are made in Egypt … Only the engine is imported,” the 29-year-old said as he observed tourists riding his car-like jet skis. 

Amin noted that he is also trying to build an electric engine to make the vehicle 100-percent made in Egypt. 

The three friends have so far produced 34 jet skis of the kind, with more to be manufactured as many orders have arrived. 

“I have received orders from Egyptian customers. We are considering marketing our products outside Egypt,” Amin told Xinhua. 

The large fiberglass body of the vehicle makes it safer than common jet skis and easier to drive, Amin said, adding the top speed of the car-like jet ski is 70 km per hour. 

In a recent interview with Xinhua, Chairman of Egypt’s Tourism Promotion Authority (TPA) Ahmed Youssef said the Egyptian tourism sector has recovered by 40 per cent amid Covid-19 precautionary measures, expecting more recovery when more countries lift lockdowns and travel bans. 

Tourism is one of the key sources of income for Egypt and accounts for about 12 per cent of the country’s GDP. It brought a record high of US$ 13 billion in revenues in 2019 when more than 13 million tourists visited the North African country.–Xinhua 



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