Celebrating Pakistan’s independence: A teenager’s perspective

Syed Saaid Ali

15th Aug, 2021. 12:49 am

As a teenager living in these modern and peaceful times, I am reminded of the sacrifices our forefathers, many of them gave their lives to protect the future of their children and never let them experience the horrors they had to suffer.

As of today, Pakistan is celebrating its 75th Independence Day and; thus, it shouldn’t be treated like any mere holiday, and in the spirit of being true Pakistanis, it is the job of the young generation to carry the torch and show the world the intense, yet vibrant flames of our patriotism, shouting out to everyone that “This is our homeland, this is our country, and we are proud to be born as Pakistanis.”

As the younger generation of Pakistan, we should celebrate it in a more meaningful and patriotic manner, we should not just show the world as if we’re celebrating our country’s independence by pulling off dangerous stunts or activities but instead show true love for our country by applying changes to our apparels and focus on other decorative and celebrative activities such as wearing badges, applying face paints, wearing the colour white and green relative to our flag, and despite our struggles with a constantly interrupted power supply we should still decorate our homes and hoist up our national flag.

In addition, we should also play patriotic songs and our national anthem to arouse the patriotism in ourselves, as well as others. We should also screen movies related to independence in our neighbourhood, as well as serve and eat snacks with everyone to create a stronger and mutual bond with others. We should also try to quiz our families and friends about the history of Pakistan. This can help to be a quick refresher for the elderly members of the family and a source of insight for the younger ones!!

On this special occasion, children should be taught about all the sacrifices made to earn this land. They should be taken to the national monuments and museums by their parents or relatives, so that they can connect themselves to the history of Pakistan by seeing the past come to life in the shape of historical artifacts and portraits of some of the famous figures such as the Founder of the nation Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah; poet and philosopher Allama Iqbal; Liaquat Ali Khan, who brought Pakistan into existence through their tireless efforts, while we should also highlight the sacrifices of our armed forces, who protected us and sacrificed their lives for the prosperous Pakistan.

To tell and inspire the younger generation of what it takes to earn freedom, they should be allowed to spend some time with the retired officers who rolled tanks, flew F16s, and lived in submarines, as their stories are more precious than any dusty factual book lying in a library.

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