Despite Covid-19 fears, celebrities show a positive way forward

Hira Areeb

05th Aug, 2021. 03:31 pm

It was before December 2019 when words like “quarantine” and “virus outbreak”, were only heard in Pandemic related movies such as Motaba, outbreak and Pandemic. However, the pandemic would end in the movies once the cure is found. It was next to impossible to imagine it happening in our own lifetime. However, since December 2019, lives have changed when the COVID-19 hit the world.

Pakistanis were reluctant, first to follow the SOPs and then to get vaccinated until third wave of COVID. Since Pakistan is currently battling with the fourth wave of Covid-19 delta variant. As many as 5,661 cases have been reported in Pakistan so the government had to take strict measures to control the spread of the virus.

Being responsible citizens, celebrities received the jabs and urged their followers and fans to follow suits. Bushra Ansari, Samina Peerzada, and Talat Husain were among the first celebrities who posted their photos on social media getting the vaccine.

Social media is flooded with photos and videos of celebrities getting their vaccine shots. Not only they have talked about the benefits of getting the vaccinated, but they also shed light upon the significance and how satisfied they were with the procedure.

Needless to say, our celebrities have set the right precedent to get the dose as soon as possible. Recently actors Ushna Shah, Nadia Hussain, and Faysal Qureshi have taken to social media announcing that they have tested positive for Covid-19 even after being vaccinated. This was to aware people that they should not take the virus easy as it can hit anyone. Ushna Shah shared her post on Instagram saying: “Even with the mandatory doses of the vaccine, I have tested positive for Covid-19. I am a relatively healthy person with a strong immune system but the bug got through, and the symptoms are extremely unpleasant. I shudder to think what would have happened had I not been vaccinated. I urge everyone to wear masks, get vaccinated, and take all necessary precautions to protect themselves! Covid-19 is not a joke and the Delta variant is certainly not to be taken lightly.”

Though we don’t know what is to come next or when life will get back to normal, with vaccination and proper adhesion of SOPs, we can fight this virus and move forward in our daily routine of life.

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