Did you know watching horror movies can help you lose weight?

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

28th Aug, 2021. 11:46 am
Physical And Mental Impact Of Watching Horror Movies

Horror movies are very disturbing for some people, while people with certain psyches are fond of watching horror movies.

According to the research, the mental stress of those who are interested in horror movies is different from others.

Margee Kerr, an expert on the subject of fear in humans stated that it makes the body realize that it needs to expend energy.

She added that for some people it has a positive effect, they start to feel the wave of life inside them, for others, it is a negative experience like a terrorist attack in which they feel they lose control of their body.

Watching scary movies causes the brain of very sensitive people to release a hormone called dopamine which affects the nervous system. In the same way, these people are more sympathetic than others, which is why they react differently to violent or horror movies than their peers.

According to experts, people who experience a more positive situation in childhood enjoy scary movies more, during which they go through feelings like exercising hard or regaining energy by getting the full attention of the body.

There are many benefits to watching scary movies and you will be deprived of many medical benefits if you don’t watch scary movies.

Watching scary movies has many health effects. The ups and downs of the movie, the scenes full of suspense, fear and curiosity, and various benefits to your brain during unexpected events.

These ingredients calm and lighten your mind while also reducing your depression.

Unexpected events and scenes in horror movies activate your brain which enables you to endure bad situations even in real life. According to research, people who are eager to watch horror movies, are more capable of coping with unforeseen situations and they also know how to deal with them.

Watching scary movies can also help you lose weight. A 90-minute horror movie can burn 113 calories out of your body. This process can take place even after a bacterial attack in the body. This process strengthens your immune system. Horror movies are also good for your DNA. It strengthens your DNA and increases its ability to fight off various diseases.

According to research, scary movies are a justification for socializing because most people prefer to watch such movies together with others instead of watching them alone. Horror movies show superhuman paranormal dangers that make it easier to understand or fight.


Note: This article is for general information only.


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