Ethereum (ETH) vs. Bitcoin (BTC) crytocurrencies

Syed AhadWeb Editor

24th Aug, 2021. 11:09 pm

Ethereum and bitcoin are both well-known cryptocurrencies that take use of blockchain technologies, but they are not the same.

“Ethereum is also a technology platform that enables smart contracts — which is very different from Bitcoin, which is essentially just a store of value,” says Farrington. “This aspect of smart contracts on Ethereum unlocks a lot of potential use cases that you can’t do with Bitcoin.”


It’s a blockchain-based open-source platform that runs on the ether coin.

On the ETH network, developers can construct and run dApps.

The total amount of possible ether isn’t known ahead of time.


It is digital money based on the blockchain.

It’s generally used to hold value or make purchases.

The amount of bitcoins that can be created is limited.

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