Facebook denies BTC but accepts Non-Fungible Tokens

Syed AhadWeb Editor

26th Aug, 2021. 07:32 pm

Facebook is certain “not prepared” to include its stablecoin Diem into the mix so far, as the present structure wants an important upgrading for that. But as a “last resort,” if there’s no alternate method to provide value to customers, they might think through doing that, Marcus stated.

Head of Novi & Diem Co-Creator David Marcus stated “Blockchain is going to be transformational for the metaverse,”

He said,

“But we’re very determined and very motivated to launch with a stablecoin. And on a network that enables us to actually really change the game.”

Marcus also realizes CBDC (central bank digital currencies) arise over time, which will “bring an additional level of trust in the underlying digital currency that people use.” And after that takes place, Facebook will too be using that CBDC.

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