Firdous Awan not allowed to enter PA during Baryar oath taking

Firdous Awan not allowed to enter PA during Baryar oath taking

Firdous Awan not allowed to enter PA during Baryar oath taking

Firdous Ashiq Awan


LAHORE: In a significant development here on Monday, the former Special Assistant to Chief Minister (SACM) Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan was not allowed to enter the Punjab Assembly (PA) during the oath-taking ceremony of  PTI MP  Ahsan Saleem Baryar.

According to details, when Dr Firdous reached the PA to witness the oath taking ceremony of Saleem Baryar, who had recently won the Sialkot by-election from PP-38, but she was denied entry at the door.

The session of the assembly started with a delay of 19 minutes from its scheduled time of 1:00pm.

The House was supposed to discuss questions pertaining to the S&GAD, Communication and Works Department, answer the attention calling notices while the Provincial Motor Vehicle Amendment Bill 2021 was also to be presented.

After the oath, Ahsan Saleem Baryar said that today’s is the biggest day of my life as he emerged victorious after he got the ticket of PP-38 from PTI.


“I am really grateful to PM Imran Khan and CM Usman Buzdar who paved the way and realised the importance of youth’s voice at the floor of the house. The whole party won the election together like a family,” Baryar said.

“Imran Khan’s narrative won in PP-38 while the PML-N’s anti-state narrative failed in Sialkot, he added.

The opposition pointed out at the lack of quorum after which Speaker PA Chaudhry Pervez Elahi delayed the proceedings for 15 minutes. But the government failed to maintain the quorum due to which the session was adjourned till Friday morning.

Speaking to the Media, Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) parliamentary leader in the PA, Syed Hassan Murtaza said that he felt sorry for Dr Firdous Awan for being barred from entering the PA to witness the oath taking ceremony.

“Firdous Ashiq Awan used to defend the lies of the government and used to victimise the political opponents of PTI. Today she was stopped by the same people of whom she was the facilitator during her tenure as SACM,” Murtaza maintained.

PML-N MPA  Azma Zahid Bukhari said that after she had lost the lucrative post of SACM, even her own people had changed their attitude towards her. “But trust me Baji (Firdous Awan) wouldn’t mind it,” Bukhari said. “Respect is not that important, one must have a lucrative post,” Bukhari said sarcastically.


Speaking outside the assembly, Dr Firdous said: “People of my constituency elected the young parliamentarian with a heavy mandate. Baryar’s victory is the victory of Imran Khan’s narrative and this Sialkot victory is the step towards the creation of new Pakistan,” she said.


She recalled that she had received 95,000 votes in the National Assembly seat in the last elections and carried the flag of PTI in Sialkot. “I am grateful to PM Imran Khan who showed faith in me and gave me the task of this by-elections which I managed with complete devotion and loyalty,” she said.

When asked why she was barred from entering PA, Dr Awan said that the list had the names of family members of Baryar who needed accommodated and, secondly, she also reached the assembly a bit late. “When I reached the session had concluded,” she said.

“The approval for entering PA was not required. We have an alliance with PM-Q and Speaker PA Elahi is the custodian of PA and it is up to him whom he allows and whom he doesn’t.”

“We will sort out the difference within the alliance and I was the strongest voice in favour of strengthening the alliance. Whether its speaker or the CM, we need to move together in collaboration for the betterment of the province,” the former SACM said.


She maintained that no minister was aware that I was coming to the assembly. “PM Imran Khan assigned me a role firstly in the centre and then in Punjab and wherever and whatever duty the PM and the party will assign me, I will do it to the best of my ability and with complete devotion and loyalty,” Dr Awan said.

She said that Speaker PA Elahi is a visionary and he won’t target any member for personal grudge or issue.


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