Fuchsia OS starts rolling out to every first-gen Nest Hub

muzzamil mehboobWeb Editor

18th Aug, 2021. 12:49 pm
Fuchsia OS starts rolling out to every first-gen Nest Hub

Google has started to roll out the upgrade to its new Fuchsia OS on the first-gen Nest Hub. The new update can be enjoyed by every consumer who owns Nest Hub.

The new OS is not based on Linux like Android. It uses a microkernel called Zircon. This kernel was released to the preview users back in May.

Google has confirmed the Fuchsia OS upgrade for devices other than Nest Hub. This means that all the first-gen devices will be either running the OS now or will soon get the upgrade.

You’d think I’d notice that a gadget I look at and interact with on a daily basis is running a completely different operating system, but Google is striving to make the experience as similar as possible. For better or worse, the sluggish performance of the first-generation Nest Hub appears to be relatively similar. The only way to tell if you have Fuchsia is to look in the settings menu’s “About device” section, and even then, the OS isn’t mentioned by name.

As a result, the first mass deployment of Fuchsia isn’t quite as exciting as the potential envisaged when the project was initially announced more than five years ago. At the same time, it’s impressive that Google has managed to alter the core functionality of a successful product in such a way that the majority of users would never notice.

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