Gold vs. Cryptocurrency Investments: What’s the Difference?

Syed AhadWeb Editor

17th Aug, 2021. 11:25 pm

If you’re new to investing and can’t decide between gold and cryptocurrency, here are some key distinctions to consider:

Ownership Structure

There are various types of gold and every type is dependent on its weight. Customers on a limited budget can purchase a little over a 1-gram bar, whereas wealthy customers can purchase 1-kilogram weights.

Crypto is a digital asset. If a person wants to invest in crypto, he will need a digital wallet to store it or keep it on a payment service for safety.


Although gold is a unique precious metal with a finite supply, it does not have a finite quantity because new gold mines are continually being discovered globally.

Whereas each cryptocurrency has a limited supply. Whether it’s pre-mined or mined, once the full supply has been mined and given to its users, the value will be solely determined by the market cap and customer needs.


Gold is not as dangerous as cryptocurrency. Investors see the history of gold before investing. Gold provides less profit as compared to cryptocurrency, but they are safe for many.

While cryptocurrency shows volatility. New cryptocurrencies are brought to the market while existing ones compete to retain or increase their market value. There are some cryptos whose price will rise shortly after their launch date but will then drop in value hours later.


If a person has a gold bar or coin collection in his possession, he may be subject to taxes on his investment.

In most countries, cryptocurrency does not have any taxes, but in future, it may have taxes because few countries are discussing taxing cryptocurrency just like they tax other investment and property assets.


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