Google Adds Protection for Minors, on Apps Such As YouTube, Search and More

Iraj AnwarWeb Editor

10th Aug, 2021. 07:41 pm

After tech companies, like Apple, Instagram and Facebook etc., added protections for teens and young adults, Google decided to follow the suite too. The company recently announced policy changes that help kids to stay more protected while using the Google applications.

YouTube, in the near future, will frequently show ‘break’ and ‘bedtime reminders’, by default. However, these changes can be disabled if the kid chooses to go to the privacy settings and deactivate these reminders and notifications, himself. Furthermore, the company will redesign its settings by restricting the videos to minors, and limit its viewership to adults, instead of wider public.

Moreover, Google will restrict its age-sensitive advertisements from teens. It will also refrain from showing unnecessary advertisements to audience under 18.

All such protection updates in YouTube and Google are reported to roll out in the coming months, not immediately.

In principle, people think this is excellent and about time. CSE is very damaging, as the effects can go on for a lifetime and such restrictions on age–sensitive content are long overdue.

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