Haiti Earthquake: Heavy rains left thousands homeless

Roman AhmedWeb Editor

18th Aug, 2021. 03:55 am

Heavy rains have left thousands of people homeless in Haiti, previously hit by the destructing earthquake that killed more than 1,400 people.

The earthquake caused flooding and further complicated the relief efforts, even after the storm has crossed the Caribbean country on Tuesday.

The earthquake brought down thousands of buildings in the poorest country, which was still recuperating from an earthquake 11 years ago that slaughtered over 200,000 people.

A light rain was observed over Les Cayes by Tuesday morning, the southern coastal city that carried the burden of the 7.2 magnitude quake after Tropical Storm Grace had unbridled drenching rains and floods.

At a tent city in Les Cayes encompassing many children and babies, over a hundred people clambered to restore layers made of wooden poles and tarpaulins that were damaged overnight.

Some took cover under plastic sheets.

Mathieu Jameson, deputy head of the committee established by the tent city residents, said hundreds of people are in urgent need of food, refuge, and medical care.

“We don’t have a doctor. We don’t have food. Every morning more people are arriving. We have no bathroom, no place to sleep. We need food, we need more umbrellas,” said Jameson.

He further added that the tent city was still waiting for government assistance.

Haiti’s most recent natural disaster arrives just over a month after Haiti was tumbled into political upheaval by the killing of President Jovenel Moise on July 7.

Several major hospitals are ruthlessly broken, hindering humanitarian attempts, as were the main points of several devastated communities, such as churches and schools.

Doctors are working in improvised tents beside hospitals to save the lives of hundreds of wounded, comprising young children and the elderly.

Haitian authorities have stated on Monday that 1,419 deaths had been corroborated, with some 6,900 people wounded.


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