Here is how to get rid of Chat and Rooms tab on Gmail mobile app

muzzamil mehboobWeb Editor

25th Aug, 2021. 01:03 pm
Here is how to get rid of Chat and Rooms tab on Gmaill Mobile

Google introduced its Meet videoconferencing platform to Gmail. This feature is quite useful when using on a desktop PC.

The good part is that you can remove the Meet if you do not use it. However, when it comes to the mobile Gmail app, it can be a real issue, as the tab takes the space and you will see three lines less to work with.

Now Google has added the Meet and Chats functionality to its Gmail, you can directly access it from there. But on the other hand, mobile users are finding it irritating that the tabs are back at the bottom of the screen, taking up precious space.

Gmail with the Chat and Rooms tabs.Gmail without the Chat and Rooms tabs.

The new tabs can be removed similarly the Meet tab could be removed.

If you are facing this issue for the first time here is how to deal with it. The instructions are applicable to Gmail app on both Android and iOS.

  • Select the three-line “hamburger” icon in the upper left corner, scroll down, and tap on “Settings.”
  • Select the Gmail account you want to change.
  • On an iPhone, toggle off “Show the chat and rooms tab” near the top of the page. On an Android phone, scroll down to the “Chat” category and uncheck “Show the Chat and Rooms tabs.”

On an iPhone, toggle off “Show the chat and rooms tab.” Uncheck “Show the Chat and Rooms tabs.”

The photo on left is from iOS and on right is from Android.

This is all that needs to be done. Now you have claimed all the space that was used up by those tabs.

If you those tabs back, simply go to the same settings page and check both the “Show the Chat and Rooms tabs” and the “Show the Meet tab for video calling” boxes. All three tabs will appear in a single line at the bottom of the screen.

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