Lost phone returned to owner after 12 months in Ontario River

Shariq TahirWeb Editor

24th Aug, 2021. 04:47 pm
Lost phone returned to owner after 12 months in Ontario River

A cellphone carrying priceless images of a deceased relative was returned to a woman a year after she lost it into a river in Ontario, Canada.

Jordan Miezlaiskis of North Carolina stated she and her husband, Scott Kjelson, were in Ontario in July 2020 to celebrate her brother, Jesse’s, birthday when she dropped her phone into the Chippewa River while visiting Chippewa Falls.

“We were having a good day fishing, and everything was fine, and I put my phone down on one of the rocks, and of course it took a tumble and slid down, and we all watched it go into the water,” Miezlaiskis stated.

“Obviously, that water can be deep and is extremely fast.”

The family used a magnet to try to discover the phone but eventually gave up.

Miezlaiskis returned to North Carolina, but tragedy struck shortly after when Jesse perished in an ATV accident, leaving the family’s last images at the bottom of the river.

Miezlaiskis came to Ontario in July to celebrate her brother’s birthday and, by chance, received a message from a stranger in town.

“We went back to his home to celebrate his birthday like we did last year, and that day I got a message on Facebook from this complete stranger who had said he and his brother were diving at the falls and they found my phone,” she said.


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