Man sets world record by eating 32,340 Big Macs in a lifetime

Shariq TahirWeb Editor

26th Aug, 2021. 02:48 pm
Man sets world record by eating 32,340 Big Macs in a lifetime

Don Goske’s Big Mac love began in 1972. He has kept every carton and receipt of burgers he has eaten since then, and he now has a total of 32,340!

Foodies, take note. Here’s a recent world record that might spark your interest, if not inspire you to eat more. Don Goske of Wisconsin, United States, has been inducted into the Guinness Book of World Records. So, how do you do it, you ask?

He is the man who has consumed the biggest Mac hamburgers in his lifetime. Over the course of 50 years, he has ingested 32,340 Big Macs. “When I like something, I stick with it all the time.”

Don considers Big Macs to be the “best sandwich in the world,” and it is his main diet.

He claims to consume two Big Macs per day. “That’s pretty much all I eat all day,” he says. But, come to think of it, he eats 14 hamburgers per week. He used to have 9 Big Macs per day.

Don’s obsession began in 1972 when he drove his first car to a McDonald’s location. He ate three Big Macs and declared, “I’m going to eat them for the rest of my life.” And he never wavered in his choice.

His wife didn’t notice the obsession at first. As she admits in the video, she “didn’t realize it would go on forever.” Don, on the other hand, is relieved that she “doesn’t let it bother her.”

But how did someone manage to keep track of such a large number? Don diligently preserved every burger carton and receipt he ate. He’s been keeping a burger count on a calendar since May 17, 1972, and he still does it.



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