Masses should plant one tree each to safeguard Pollution-free Pakistan, PM

Roman AhmedWeb Editor

09th Aug, 2021. 08:16 pm
imran in lahore

Prime Minister Imran Khan inaugurated the world’s biggest Miyawaki urban forest here, as part of monsoon drive under the 10 Billion Tree Tsunami project.

PM highlighted the significance of forests, with the increase in global warming and pollution. PM directed the masses, especially, youth to plant at least one tree each and look after it to safeguard an unpolluted Pakistan for the future cohorts.

The Prime Minister anticipated that the expansion of Miyawaki forest in the provincial capital will help resuscitate the historical magnificence of Lahore, which was known as the city of gardens with trees planted everywhere, and now was measured as one of the most contaminated cities of Pakistan.

Imran Khan devoted the Miyawaki forest Lahore to Prof. Dr. Akira Miyawaki, a Japanese botanist and expert in plant ecology, who died on July 16, 2021.

He said that conflict to the only 640 million trees planted in the country’s history by 2013, the government of Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI) in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa established one billion trees in the province during 2013 to 2018.

The Prime Minister stated that the government is now targeting to plant 10 billion trees across the country.

The premier also stated there is not one, but many reasons behind global warming, and deforestation is one of them. Pakistan is doing, what it can, to check the phenomenon through various measures, but there is a need to take measures at the global level.

The Prime Minister praised the determinations of Chief Minister Punjab and his team for emerging Miyawaki forests in Lahore.

On this occasion, he was told that Miyawaki forest has been developed over 100 canals with a total of over 160,000 plants which grow ten times quicker than a normal forest owing to the unique Miyawaki method.

It uses dedicated land grounding as well as native varieties with varying development rates to harvest profligate growing urban forests.

The Prime Minister was further communicated that another 53 Miyawaki forests were being developed at different parts of Lahore to generate basins for carbon as well as for healthier pollution reduction in the city.

All have been geo-tagged for nursing of their development and expansion.

Furthermore, 500 million trees were actually planted across the country under the continuing monsoon plantation drive which was the major ever such drive in Pakistan.


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