Melbourne anti lockdown protest turns violent

Aneela SiddiquiWeb Editor

23rd Aug, 2021. 12:07 pm

The Chief Commissioner of Victoria Police has stated that more than 20 police officers were wounded in anti lockdown protests of Melbourne.

Chief Commissioner Shane Patton revealed that the total number of officers injured in protest had reached 21.

Following prior allegations that nine police officers had been injured, Commissioner Patton stated more reports of “minor injuries” had come in on Sunday.

“The escalation of violence from the protesters involved was absolutely disgraceful.”

“Many of them came looking for a fight and were confrontational.”

“A lot of these people were angry men who were just set upon confronting police and attacking police,” he said.

Following the frenzied rally, nine officers were evaluated in the hospital, two of them with suspected broken noses and one with a fractured thumb in numerous places.

Commissioner Patton stated that one officer remained in the hospital and was being evaluated for leg surgery. He claimed that many officers suffered bruising and scratches, as well as minor burns from flares.

Commissioner Patton stated that those who ignored the lockdown to peacefully protest “were in the minority.”

He claimed yesterday that the demonstration was one of the most violent he had witnessed in two decades.

Premier Daniel Andrews claimed today that the demonstration had resulted in “terrible, ugly scenes” and had done nothing to help the outbreak.

“Today is Monday and the virus is still here because protests, however agitated and appalling, do not work on this.”

Victoria concerns about mystery cases in Melbourne

As the state recorded 24 new cases of COVID-19, the commander of Victoria says officials are “exceptionally concerned” about the virus’s undiscovered spread in Melbourne’s inner south-east.

Six of the new cases were in the community for some period before being diagnosed, and 18 were under quarantine while infectious.

Twenty of the cases have been connected to existing clusters in Melbourne’s Delta epidemic, according to contact tracers. One of the main metrics driving the sixth lockdown of the city is the number of unlinked and mystery infections in the outbreak.

According to Health Minister Martin Foley, 56 of the 246 ongoing COVID-19 cases in Victoria are under the age of nine, and 55 are between the ages of ten and nineteen.

Mr. Foley said that one of the latest cases included a sex worker from St Kilda who was “safely quarantining” and taken care of by health officials.

He said there was no indication that the virus was spread through her job, but advised anybody who had used a sex worker in St Kilda in the last few days to be tested.

With a number of mystery cases developing in the region, contact tracers are particularly concerned about St Kilda and its adjacent south-eastern districts, particularly Caulfield North and Middle Park.

Mystery cases

When it came to mystery cases, Dr Bartone emphasised that everyone needed to be on high alert.

“What it actually means is that until we can link all of the cases and identify the source of transmission, we need to stay cautious, be extremely worried, and get tested.”

He also believes that the lockdown will be prolonged once again. On Thursday, the state will have been on lockdown for 200 days.

“Until testing numbers increase significantly above 30,000 a day, inside of all of those mystery cases, it doesn’t look promising at this stage.”

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