MG motors fraud case unveiled

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03rd Aug, 2021. 11:12 pm

MG motors or M.G Car Company was established by Cecil Kimber in the early ’90s in the UK. The company claimed popularity primarily in the sports car segment due to its astonishing releases. In the aftermath, the company erstwhile mostly known for its state-of-the-art sports cars entered the saloon and coupés market. Its fans around the world still remember the company for its open two-seater sporty vehicles.

Whereas Prime Minister Imran Khan attended the launching ceremony of British motor company MG Motors UK at the Prime Minister’s House.

PM Imran Khan, who was the chief guest, said his government was working hard to boost the economy and the auto industry.

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Several customers banded together to demand their MG vehicles be delivered or their advance payment returned after the company failed to make deliveries at the promised dates.

The customers have claimed that they have paid 20 lakh as the bookings price,

As the MG motors have asked the customers to pay the original prices to get the pre-booked car delivered on the mentioned time.

According to a lawyer, who also booked a car from MG motors have claimed that only in January 200 crore deposit money has been paid to Mg motors by the customers only from Islamabad.

He further claimed that this is a case of fraud, Mg motors are selling cars to different showrooms, which can be seen on their showrooms as well.

He mentioned that the time of deliverance for the car was for June, but now it has shifted to Sept till Oct.

The police did not assist the customers at all, Sho did not provide any assistance either.

It is alleged that there are around 15 to 20 applications against MG Motors right now


MG Motors Pakistan has issued a statement regarding delays in vehicle deliveries after a video went viral showing angry customers demanding that their cars be delivered after months of waiting while sitting at one of the company’s dealerships.

MG Motors Pakistan explains delay in deliveries

“There is a shortage of semiconductor chips that are causing delays for all automotive brands,” says MG Motor Pakistan while explaining the delay in vehicle deliveries.

Furthermore, the company claims that the following measures have been taken to facilitate customers:

More than 1500 MG vehicles have been delivered across Pakistan.

The booking of MG HS (CBU) was suspended on 19th March 2021 as the Global Chip Shortage and Port congestions escalated.

Additional 1300 MG HS and 400 MG ZS have arrived and are being delivered.

All bookings are done before 19th March will be provided with MG HS (CBU) on a first come first serve basis, but there is a 2 / 3-month delay on the committed delivery dates.

Limited bookings are open for MG HS for financing customers.

MG ZS (CBU) are being booked and delivered on committed dates.

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