Muharram 2021: Karachi traffic plan released

Roman AhmedWeb Editor

16th Aug, 2021. 06:31 pm
9th Muharram-ul-Haram

The traffic police in Karachi has issued the traffic plan for Muharram 2021. This traffic plan will provide the metropolis’s directions and alteration plan to assist the citizens in order to avoid any inconvenience.

The press release stated, “will be taken out from Nishtar Park and will end Imambargah Hussania Irania Kharadar”.

The press briefing stated for civic attentiveness, all the traffic coming from the metropolitan side will be abstracted to Soldier Bazar Road (Bahadur Yar Jang Road), to Coast Guards, Uncle Seria Chowk to Jubilee or Nishtar Road.

traffic plan 1

Muharram 8 (Aug. 17):

Nishter Park, Sir Shah Nawaz Bhutto Road, Father Jaminis Road, Mehfil-e-Shah-e-Khurasan Road, Mansfield Street, Preedy Street, Tibet Chowk, M.A. Jinnah Road, Baba-e-Urdu, Chand Bibi Chowk, Nishtar Road, Nigar Cinema, Altaf Hussain Road, Denso Hall, again M.A. Jinnah Road, Kharadar Police Station, Bombybazar To Hussainan Iranian Imambargah

Muharram 9 (Aug. 18):

A parade will begin from Liaquatabad via Imambargah Martin Road towards Nishtar Park.

A procession will enroute Nishtar Park at about 12 pm and then shall continue to Imambargah Hussain Iranian Kharadar after the Majalis.

Route Will Be: Nishter Park, Sir Shah Nawaz Bhutto Road. Fatherjaminis Road Mehfil-e-shah-e-khurasan. M.A. Jinnah, Mansfield Street, Preedy Street Tibet Chowk,m.a.jinnah Road, Boulton Market. Bombay Bazar, Kharadar, Nawab Mahabat Khanji Road to Hussainan Iranian Imambargah

Muharram 10 (Aug. 19):

Nishter Park, Sir Shah Nawaz Bhutto Road, Father Jaminis Road, Mehfil-e-Shah-e-Khurasan, M.A. Jinnah Mansfield Street, Preedy Street, Tibet Chowk,m.a.jinnah Road, Boulton Market, Bombay Bazar Kharadar, Nawab Mahabat Khanji Road, To Hussainan Iranian Imambargah.

Whereas all varieties of circulation approaching from Nazimabad will be abstracted from Lasbella towards Nishter Road and then to Zoological Garden. From there to spread their individual terminuses.

On the contrary, all types of transportation approaching from Liaquatabad will be sidetracked on Martin road to the Jail roadside.

These automobiles will be allowed to continue to Jail, Jamshed Road, Dada Bhoy Noorji Road, KashmirRoad, Shahra-e-Quaideen, Shara-e-Faisal to reach their terminuses.

The traffic coming from Stadium Road will proceed via New M.A. Jinnah Road.

These automobiles will be abstracted at Dada Bhoy Noorji Road towards Kashmir Road, Society Light Signal, Shara-e-Quaideen to Shara-e-Faisal.


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