Muharram processions taken out in different parts of Lahore

Staff Reporter BOL News

18th Aug, 2021. 09:02 pm
9th Muharram-ul-Haram

LAHORE: In connection with the 9th Muharram, over 70 taazia, alam and zuljanah processions were taken out in different parts of Lahore, amid elaborate security arrangement to avoid any untoward incident. Over 350 Majalis-e-Aza were arranged.

Main 9th Muharram procession was taken out from Pando Street in Islampura. After passing through Lower Mall and Old Anarkali, it reached Khaima-e-Saadat on Syed Mauj Darya Road. The procession returned to Pando Street through Jain Mandir Chowk.

The central zuljanah procession emerged from Nisar Haveli inside Mochi Gate Wednesday night and will culminate at Karbala Gamay Shah on Thursday evening after passing through its traditional route.

The procession will move through its traditional route Mubarak Haveli, Kotwali, Mohallah Chehel Bibian, Imambargah Syed Wajid Ali Shah, Imambargah Mehdi Shah, Chowk Nawab Sahab, Kucha Qazi Khan, Imambargah Maulvi Feroze Ali, Kucha Miskinan, Mohallah Pir Gilanian, Imambargah Rajab Ali Shah, Chohata Mufti Baqar, Chowk Purani Kotwali, Kashmiri Bazaar, Sunehri Masjid, Dabbi Bazaar, Sooha Bazaar, Gumti Bazaar, Said Mitha, Tehsil Bazaar, Bazaar Hakiman, Unchi Masjid and Bhaati Chowk before culminating at Karbala Gamay Shah. Dozens of small processions will join the main one at different places. Mourners will observe Matam (flagellation) with chains, knives at several points on the route.

After the culmination of the procession, a Majlis-e-Shaam-e-Ghariban will be arranged inside Karbala Gamay Shah.

Police and Rangers personnel will continue patrolling areas in close vicinity of procession route and venues of Majalis.

In addition to that, helicopters will also monitor the processions along their routes. The route of the procession has been closed for the general public while law enforcing agencies personnel have blocked the roads in the close vicinity.

Local residents using the route to reach their houses are being thoroughly searched. Walkthrough gates and scanners have been placed at the entrances to procession and Imambargahs for searching the participants.

The residents of the buildings along the route have been barred from opening their windows and coming on roofs.

The administration has set up central control room to monitor processions and Majalis through 650 CCTV cameras. More than 600 Police Communication Officers will perform duties at Safe Cities Authority Control Room in three shifts. Administration has also installed extra lights along the route to lighten the area to facilitate the mourners and security personnel in maintaining law and order at night.

Ambulances of public sector hospitals and various other relief organisations are on alert for transporting those wounded in flagellation to nearby health facilities while the volunteers will provide first aid to the mourners.

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