Noose tightens around Mir Shakil; Court reserves verdict on accused’s plea

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31st Aug, 2021. 04:18 pm
Noose tightens around Mir Shakil; Court reserves verdict on accused's plea

The accountability court heard an illegal plot allotment reference against Jang and Geo owner Mir Shakil-ur-Rahman.

According to the details, the court reserved judgment on the pleas of Mir Shakil, Humayun Faiz Rasool and Mian Bashir.

The verdict on the pleas of Mir Shakil and the other accused will be announced on September 8.

Earlier, Accountability Court Judge Asad Ali heard the illegal plot allotment reference against accused Mir Shakeel and others in which Special Prosecutors Syed Faisal Raza Bukhari and Haris Qureshi appeared on behalf of NAB.

Accused Mir Shakil appeared along with his lawyer Muhammad Nawaz Chaudhry while co-accused former director Land Development Bashir Ahmad also appeared before the court.

Co-accused Nawaz Sharif has been declared a fugitive for not appearing despite summons.

During the hearing, the NAB prosecutor argued against the acquittal of Mir Shakil and others, saying that in 1980, the LDA had formulated schemes and exemption policies for Muhammad Ali Johar Town, Sabzazar and Mustafa Town.

The NAB prosecutor said that 180 kanals of land was in the name of Muhammad Ali which was acquired by LDA for Johar Town in October 1982.

The award made by the Land Acquisition was issued in the name of Wazir Bibi, Jahanan Bibi, Hidayat Ali, Hakim Ali, Hamidan Bibi.

The NAB prosecutor further said that under the exemption policy, 54 kanals of land was to be allotted in exchange for 180 kanals and 18 marlas. The summary was sent while the accused was allotted 59 kanals of land.

The prosecutor added that accused Mir Shakil-ur-Rahman obtained 59 plots of 1, 1 Kanal on exemption with the connivance of then Chief Minister Nawaz Sharif. He transferred the plot in the name of his wife and children to cover up his crime.

NAB prosecutor said that Accused’s acquisition of all the plots in the same area is a violation of the Exemption Policy 1986.

the NAB prosecutor said accused Mir Shakil also included 2 streets in allotted plots with the connivance of Nawaz Sharif. The accused transferred the plot in the name of his wife and minor children to cover up his crime.

The High Court observed the accused Mir Shakil on the charge of allotting plots with the connivance of Mian Bashir and Humayun Faiz Rasool.

The NAB prosecutor said that Mir Shakil was entitled to 54 kanals, a summary of 56 kanals was prepared while the accused was given 59 kanals of land.

Judge Asad Ali inquired whether the Price Assessment Committee was constituted in accordance with the law, on which the NAB prosecutor said that the NAB had written a letter to the LDA which was estimated at Rs. 14 crores.

The accused’s lawyer Amjad Pervez Advocate said that NAB offered Mir Shakeel a plea bargain and asked to pay Rs. 14 crore but Mir Shakil will be acquitted in this case and will claim damages against NAB.

Judge Asad Ali questioned NAB Prosecutor, “How can you ask to pay Rs 140 crore?” When something is illicit, how can it be made legal by paying money, to which the NAB prosecutor replied that NAB never demanded money from accused Mir Shakil in terms of the plea bargain.

Judge Asad Ali questioned Amjad Pervez Advocate that he had sought permission for interim construction, not allotment on an exemption to which he replied that Mir Shakil admits that he got one block of land more than allotment.

While giving the argument the NAB prosecutor said that Amjad Pervez Advocate had also stated that NAB would not respond to the plea of ​​acquittal but NAB responded.

The NAB prosecutor added that we will take action according to the law and regulations adding that statements of 12 witnesses including Asad Kharal, Syed Javed Iqbal, former Secretary to the Chief Minister, Azhar Ali are yet to be recorded.

The NAB Prosecutor further said that Director Town Planning Azhar presented the report of Johar Town Master Plan to NAB. Witness Azhar stated that 2 roads were given to Mir Shakil.

The NAB prosecutor said sufficient material is available against accused Mir Shakil and others, the prosecution should be given an opportunity to complete the trial.

The NAB prosecutor further said that there is a classical example of abuse of power in the Mir Shakil case adding that the investigating officer in the case is also an important witness of NAB.

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