Pakistan agrees to stay in contact with UK over Afghan situation

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18th Aug, 2021. 01:29 am
imran with boris

Pakistan has agreed to stay in touch with the United Kingdom due to the developing condition in Afghanistan, amid the Taliban took over the country on Sunday.

President Ashraf Ghani as a result of the conclusion of a swift aggressiveness by the group to take back the complete control over the country after staying out of politics for 20 years, since the US invasion.

In a telephonic discussion between Prime Minister Imran Khan and his British counterpart, Boris Johnson, a statement from the PM’s Office stated about the agreement between the two nations.

The two premiers discussed the present state in Afghanistan and PM Imran Khan emphasized the prominence of “a peaceful and stable Afghanistan” for Pakistan.

It was also discussed during the call to settle a comprehensive political settlement in the neighboring country.

PM Imran Khan further highlighted that guaranteeing protection, safety, and reverence for the rights of Afghan people is enormously significant.

Whereas, he also shed light on Pakistan’s optimistic part in assisting the withdrawal of political personnel and staff of global organizations and others from Afghanistan.

In a bilateral background, informing Johnson about the wide procedures reserved by Pakistan to bind the spread of COVID-19 in the country, PM Imran Khan called for the elimination of Pakistan’s name from Britain’s red-listed countries.

PM Johnson guaranteed PM Imran Khan that Britain will work with other countries to evade a philanthropic tragedy in Afghanistan and any gratitude of the new government must be on a global basis.

“The Prime Minister stressed his commitment to work with international partners to avoid a humanitarian disaster in Afghanistan and the wider region,” a Downing Street spokesperson stated after the call with PM Imran Khan.


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