Patriotic songs that will re-ignite your love for Pakistan

Sahil KumarWeb Editor

10th Aug, 2021. 03:52 pm

Music plays a significant role in celebrations and to commemorate Independence Day, people listen to patriotic songs and melodies. National songs not only instil love and affection for the nation in the hearts of youth but also express one’s affection for the motherland. As many articles are popping up telling you how Independence Day can be celebrated amid pandemic, here is a coveted list of 5 songs that will re-ignite the patriotic spirit you have hidden inside you.

1 – Ye Watan Tumhara Hai

Mehdi Hassan’s voice creates a beautiful melody preaching to us to take care of our country. The song instils emotions of love, patriotism and enthusiasm for our beloved nation. The lyrics not only emphasize the fact that we should love our country, but also that we must take care of it as we have gained it after countless sacrifices. It brings tears to the listener’s eyes as Mehdi Hassan sings Dekhna Gawana Mat Daulat e Yaqeen Logon, Yeh Watan Amanat Hai aur Tum Ameen Logon, as it is for our country that we have made the impossible, possible.

2 – Mera Inaam Pakistan

Having no patriotic song in his arsenal, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan decided to challenge himself and let fall a track that became a trend in years to come. The song not only infuriates a patriotic fire in the hearts and minds of the listeners but also revived a dying trend, generating a few more records. The incredible connection of his soulful voice and meaningful words gave us goosebumps as the song is considered a shining gem of his legacy.

3 – Ae Watan Pak Watan

Amanat Ali Khan, famous for his ghazal numbers and stylish dressing, sang a song that made our emotions run a marathon. Love, patriotism, pride and selfishness for our own country expressed through a single melody, Ae Watan Pak Watan infused a patriotic feeling inside every Pakistani.  Mere Mehboob Watan Tujh Pe Agar Jaan Ho Nisaar, Main Yeh Samjhoonga Thikanay Laga Sarmaya-i-Dhan perfectly explains the phenomenon behind this song and expresses the love of a patriot for his country.

4 – Dil Dil Pakistan

This list would not have been completed without this stunning piece of work. Dil Dil Pakistan, a song released by a group of 4 engineering students, Junaid Jamshed, Rohail Hayat, Shehzad Hasan, and Nusrat Hussain, is not just a song but an emotion played on every device in every corner of Pakistan. This national song became one of the famous pop songs and is considered the second national anthem after Pak Sar Zameen. 

5 – Hum Zinda Qaum Hain

A song that raises the patriotism bar each time it’s played on a TV screen, a speaker or a radio, Hum Zinda Quam Hain is the perfect representation of Quaid’s message of Faith, Unity and Discipline. Beautifully sung by Tehseen Javed, Amjad Hussain, Benjamin Sisters, and Fatima Jafri, this song features in the top tier list of patriotic songs, as it infuses the listener’s hearts with sentiments of patriotism, love and unity through the melodious lyrics.

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