Pattoki man attempts to push wife and children into the canal

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31st Aug, 2021. 09:45 pm
women and children thrown in canal

In a frightful turn of events demonstrating the cruelty that is present in our society despite the modernization and emerging education system, a Pattoki man purportedly tried to push his wife and children into a running water stream after a dispute.

The Anti-Women Harassment and Violence Cell took timely action on the matter and protected the victim.

The victim woman and children are in the custody of authorities while the offender was detained by Pattoki police.

The victim woman told police in her statement that “He tried to toss us all into the water stream”.

Police have detained suspected criminal Abdul Hameed and charged him on a number of charges for his crime.

Whereas, authorities taking action on the crimes against women, the identification parade of the 158 arrested suspects in the Minar e Pakistan TikToker’s assault case is scheduled for September 1 (tomorrow).

According to the details, the identification parade will be held in the presence of the judicial judge at the camp jail.

The arrangements for the identification parade have been put in place by the jail staff.

Ayesha Akram, who failed to come for the identification parade on August 28, will be transported to the camp jail with police security.

Furthermore, Section 144 will be levied in contiguous areas of the camp jail tomorrow to avoid any unfortunate event.


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