PCJCCI urges govt to boost halal meat exports to China

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23rd Aug, 2021. 05:46 pm

LAHORE: The Pakistan-China Joint Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PCJCCI) has urged the government to boost halal meat exports to China.

Addressing the Export Promotion Committee of his chamber, S M Naveed, president of the PCJCCI, said that there was a big gap in the world meat trade to be fulfilled and Pakistan had the potential to increase its exports and earn foreign exchange by promoting Pakistan’s high quality meat worldwide.

Pakistan has the fourth largest livestock population in the world, 180 million animals growing at 4.2 per cent annually. Moreover, there are above four dozen breeds of sheep and goats that have helped Pakistan become the second largest goat meat producing country but the exports are still lacking far behind because of having limited techniques and skilled labour, he added.

The PCJCCI chief proposed to avail Chinese assistance to have training for enhancing the skills and livestock techniques up to the world standards. He also said”: “By exporting meat to China, we can contribute millions of dollars to the national economy.”

The Pakistan’s government is already convincing the Chinese government to permit import of meat from Pakistan, he added.

PCJCCI senior vice president Daud Ahmed, speaking on the occasion, urged the government and the private sector to create state-of-the-art slaughter houses to attract the Chinese market.

“We can develop specific brands as per [the] specific needs of Chinese people,” he said, and cited an example ‘Omasum’, the second stomach of cows and buffaloes, is very much liked in Vietnam and China.

Khalid Raffique Choudhry, vice president of the PCJCCI, said that the government should lay down a concrete strategy for export promotion of halal meat through consultation of the stakeholders.

Salahuddin Hanif, secretary general said that currently China is importing meat from Vietnam. Brazil and Australia, who are struggling to meet the demand, while maintaining the standard too. Therefore, in such a competitive environment there is a great possibility for Pakistan to initiate the production of good quality meat to cater to the needs of the Chinese market.

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