PM Imran briefs nation on three-year performance

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26th Aug, 2021. 06:28 pm

Prime Minister Imran Khan on Thursday said that nothing in this world can be achieved without a struggle.

Speaking at the launching ceremony of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf government’s performance report, the premier said that the past three years have been a very difficult period for the government.

“There are ups and down comes in every organisation and in every person’s life but the struggle is rising above difficult times,” he added.

“If you analyse the difficult time correctly then it becomes the path of your greatness,” he said, adding that till one does not go through a difficult struggle they cannot achieve anything great.

“No one has become a leader through a shortcut,” he said, adding that he only sees Quaid-e-Azam as a leader of Pakistan.

PM Imran said that in a struggle when you go down you focus on your problems and analyse the “mistakes”. And in this context, the PM explained that the first three years of the government were “very difficult”.

“Because first they [opposition] bankrupted the country and left,” said PM Imran.

To explain the people how dire the situation was, he said that Pakistan did not have the money to return the loans it had taken.

The premier said that Pakistan had the biggest current account deficit when they came to power in 2018.

“If Saudi Arabia, UAE and China had not helped [Pakistan] the rupee would have devalued more,” said the PM. He also shared that it was because of this that Pakistan had to go the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

The PM said that once they were coming out of that difficult situation, the Pulwama incident occurred and the coronavirus hit the world.

On Pulwama, the PM thanked the army for its role during that time, adding that it was the army that gave them the confidence of having security.

“Then in the last three years what hurt me the most, was how this mafia gave statements against our army. I have also criticised the army in the past,” said PM Imran. He added that all institutions make mistakes but clarified that this does not mean that the opposition starts criticising the army.

“They [opposition] are after the army because you want that the army removes the government. [Then] they call themselves democrats and are after the army to remove a democratic government,” said the premier. He added that it was becuase of the army his government could tell Indian PM Narendra Modi that Pakistan will respond if they do something.

“If our army would have not been [here], then I don’t know what kind of situation I would have faced,” said PM Imran.

Continuing with the defence of his government, the PM said that after the Pulwama incident the coronavirus hit the world and shared with the audience how difficult that time period was for them.

“The difficulty was that we were seeing outside in Spain, Italy, England there hospitals are full. Countries whose GDP was 30 or 40 times bigger than ours had to put a lockdown,” said PM Imran. He added that when India imposed a lockdown everyone pressued the government to follow suit.

“Yes, we should have done a lockdown because if a disease is spreading then it stops spreading through a lockdown,” admitted PM Imran. He added that apart from the opposition’s criticism even people from his own party “got worried”.

PM Imran Khan launches performance report

On completion of three years in office, the premier launched the Three-year Performance Report at the Convention Centre Islamabad to give an insight into the efforts of each ministry and division in facilitating the common man in line with the vision of Naya Pakistan.

The Report 2018-21, compiled by the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting under the patronage of its head Chaudhry Fawad Hussain, focuses the accomplishments the government has made despite the global economic recession in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

The 251-page report gives an outline of the achievements of 44 public bodies including ministries, divisions and departments, through infographics and relevant facts and figures.

Besides defining the baseline of each sector, it also focuses on key objectives, updates on initiatives, long-term strategies, legislative policy framework and the projects in the pipeline.

On assumption of power in August 2018, the government of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf government faced numerous ‘inherited challenges’ including financial instability, poverty, and inadequate education and health facilities.

The report, however, added that in three years the journey of development has added several feathers in the cap of the government, particularly sustaining the COVID-19 situation by opting for the ‘smart lockdown strategy’.

It further said that to uplift common man, the government launched the projects such as Naya Pakistan Housing Programme for affordable accommodation to low-income groups, Ehsaas programme for social security and the Kamyab Jawan Programme for imparting skills to youth to help them get employment.

In the domain of legislation, 54 laws were enacted including the Code of Civil Procedure (Amendment) Act, 2020, Enforcement of Women Property Rights Act, 2020, and Legal Aid and Justice Authority Act, 2020 to help poor and vulnerable segments of society.

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