Power generation surges 6.6% in July

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20th Aug, 2021. 02:45 pm
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KARACHI: The country’s overall power generation surged 6.6 per cent to 15,680GWh (21,076MW) during July 2021, compared with 14,711GWh (19,773MW) during July 2020, official data suggests on Friday.

“The rise in generation is witnessed due to higher generation of nuclear, furnace oil, regasified liquefied natural gas (RLNG), wind, HSD and bagasse,” an analyst at Arif Habib Limited said.

The major contributors during July were hydel with 30 per cent; RLNG, 20 per cent; coal, 15 per cent; nuclear, 11 per cent; furnace oil, 10 per cent; gas, 9 per cent; wind, 4 per cent; and high-speed diesel contributing 0.8 per cent in the total power generation.

During July 2021, the fuel cost for power generation increased 51 per cent to Rs6.47/KWh, mainly due to the rise in gas, coal, furnace oil and RLNG-based cost of generation along with a decline in hydel and solar-based generation.

The coal-based cost of generation went up 33 per cent to Rs8.41/KWh during July due to 112 per cent rise in coal prices. The RLNG-based cost of generation increased 76 per cent to Rs12.06/KWh due to 91 per cent rise in RLNG prices to Rs2,069/mmbtu. The furnace oil-based cost of generation increased 23 per cent to Rs17.08/KWh due to 40 per cent rise in the furnace oil prices. Likewise, the gas-based cost of generation also went up 17 per cent to Rs8.17/kWh.

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