PPP asks federal govt to release report of its three years performance

Hassan NaqviReporter

20th Aug, 2021. 02:41 pm

LAHORE: The Pakistan Peoples’ Party (PPP) on Friday demanded the federal government to present the three-year performance of the PTI-led government before the masses.

PPP vice president and parliamentary leader in the Senate Sherry Rehman said that the PTI had promised to eradicate corruption and bring revolution in three months.

“Today after three years, why are they silent,” Rehman said, adding that the promises that were supposed to be fulfilled in 90 days could not even meet the targets after three years.

“The destruction that was brought to the country under the name of Naya Pakistan is matchless,” she claimed.

For Senator Sherry Rehman, due to the lack of credibility of the governments, the country had to face critical crises.

“The government remained involved in sugar, flour, medicine, petrol, LNG, BRT and Billion Tree Corruption scandals,” Senator Rehman alleged.

“For three years the rule of corruption, inflation, unemployment, lack of peace, revenge and censorship remained under practice,” the PPP leader added.

She said the increase in the prices of petrol, ultimately raised electricity, gas tariffs. “In three years, petrol prices have been hiked from Rs95 to Rs120/litre,” she added.

Senator Rehman said that the ministers have been playing musical-chair for three years. “The government borrowed foreign debt of Rs33 billion in three years,” she said.

She said an increase of 53 per cent has been observed during the three-year rule of this government.

“The total rate of inflation in the country stands at 8.4 per cent, while that of weekly is 16.60 per cent,” Senator Rehman said.

She recalled before the incumbent government, the circular debt stood at Rs1.148 trillion, while after three-years of its rule, it rose to more than Rs2.37 trillion.

“The public, now, bears the consequences of the three-year rule of this incompetent government,” she added.

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