PPP rejects formation of PMDA

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17th Aug, 2021. 01:56 pm
Govt. Showing Dubious Growth Figures To Cover Up Incompetence: Sherry Rehman

LAHORE: Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) Vice President and Parliamentary Leader in Senate Sherry Rehman on Tuesday urged the federal government to withdraw the decision of forming Pakistan Media Development Authority (PMDA) as journalists and their bodies have already rejected the formation of PMDA.

She claimed that the PMDA law is a ‘media martial law’.

“The government is all set to declare laws related to media null and void and wants to implement media martial law,” she alleged.

Senator Rehman said that instead of an independent and free media, government wants to regulate it.

“The federal government wants to keep the strings of all the media houses in its hand which depicts the dictatorial mindset of the present government,” she stressed.

For Rehman, the Imran Khan-led PTI government wants to crush media freedom that’s why it is interested in such laws and authority.

“They should stop considering themselves the king of Pakistan,” she said.

The formation of PMDA is a scary and alarming plan of the PTI government to crush media freedom in the country, she alleged adding that the proposed law will give powers to the federal government to punish media houses and individual journalists who will criticise the government or its policies which would be a huge blow to media freedom in Pakistan.

Senator Rehman stressed that the criticism of the opposition and media is the beauty of democracy. “The time and effort the government is investing in hatching conspiracies against the press freedom should be diverted towards governance and performance,” she said.

She maintained that the real issue of the masses is not the establishment of PMDA rather it is the rising inflation and unemployment.

“PPP along with the media fraternity will strongly oppose the formation of PMDA and will literally play its part for the freedom of press,” she said.

Senator Rehman said that PPP and the parliament would strongly oppose such regressive laws.


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