Rapid changes in Afghanistan to impact regional economies: official

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16th Aug, 2021. 01:07 pm

ISLAMABAD: The Saarc Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Saarc CCI) has cautioned that the rapidly changing security situation in Afghanistan will have an adverse impact on the regional economies, especially Pakistan.

In a statement, Saarc CCI president Iftikhar Ali Malik said that the impact of the crisis in Afghanistan could ultimately spread far wider, adding that a peaceful and stable Afghanistan is a prerequisite for economic prosperity in South Asian countries.

The progress of this region is linked with free from war and secure Afghanistan, he said, adding that in this regard, Pakistan is playing its key role for the success of intra-Afghanistan peace dialogue, aiming at political reconciliation and an end to the decades of violence in the war-stricken country.

Malik expressed the hope that the intra-Afghan negotiations will lead to a sustainable and durable peace and reiterated that there is no military solution to the Afghan conflict.

He stressed the urgent need that both Kabuland the Taliban to achieve economic prosperity, will have to demonstrate the highest degree of flexibility to reach a result-oriented settlement.

In the prevailing scenario, the survival of the state mainly depended on its sound economy, otherwise it would be eliminated from globe like other countries.

Malik said that Pakistan has taken a crystal clear stand on non-interference and it has no favourites in Afghanistan, besides firmly believing in a well-grounded political government.

The world must recognise with open mind that Pakistan suffered trillions of rupees irreparable economic losses in the war against terror, besides causing decades long insecurities in the region, and as a result foreign investors were reluctant for investment in Pakistan.

It is the first time in the world history that Pakistan is the only country in the worldhosting a sizeable number of Afghanrefugees for more than three decades and now time has come for their dignified and honourable return to their homeland.

Malik also said Pakistan economy cannot afford any new influx of refugees in the coming months, adding that South Asia is rich in minerals and natural resources, which must be fully exploited with the mutual cooperation and down-trodden people of this under-developed region should reap its benefits for improvement of their socioeconomic conditions.

He lamented that the share of South Asia in world trade is only 5 per cent, while it housed one-fifth of the total worldpopulation.

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