Seizure ordered for the stranded cargo ship at Karachi beach, declared ‘Unseaworthy’

Roman AhmedWeb Editor

11th Aug, 2021. 01:42 am

The concerned administration has stated the stranded cargo ship at Karachi beach ‘unseaworthy’ and given the seizure order for the enormous vessel under the protocols of Merchant Ordinance 2001.

The stranded cargo ship, MV Heng Tong 77, has been professed as unseaworthy and the Ministry of Maritime Affairs definite to seize the vessel. The captain of the cargo vessel was officially converse concerning the decision.

In a letter, the authorities wrote to the cargo ship’s captain that the navigation and machinery system of the vessel was not working. It further added that the unseaworthy cargo ship was hazardous to human lives and possessions.

Previously in July, the Pakistan Navy with other maritime shareholders had securely finished the defueling procedure of a mercantile ship that entered aground at Seaview beach in Karachi.

The owner of the ship selected an agent to look after the affairs of the ship. If any impairment happens during the clearing of the ship, the company will be responsible for it, while the evacuation process will start from August 15.

Contrary to claims, oil could not be removed from Hangtong in a two-day process.

Furthermore, 2 to 3 tugs will be arriving from Dubai to Karachi port for evacuation of the ship. There is also a hazard of it breaking during the withdrawal of the ship, for which all organizations have been warned, while Salvage Master Will come from Singapore.


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