T-Mobile is investigating a suspected theft affecting over 100 million users

Syed AhadWeb Editor

16th Aug, 2021. 12:06 am

According to Vice‘s Motherboard, T-Mobile announced that it is investigating a suspected large data theft affecting over 100 million subscribers based on an allegation made in an underground forum post. 

In exchange, the seller is asking for BTC. However, the seller highlighted that the data is coming through the server of T-mobile.

According to Motherboard, “T-Mobile USA. Full customer info,” This information included details such as social security numbers, phone numbers, names, physical addresses, and driver’s licenses information, the seller stated in the post.

The data contains 30 million social security numbers and driver’s licenses, while in exchange the seller wants 6 bitcoins that cost around $274,000.

As per the Motherboard, the seller claims to be selling the rest of the data privately.

“I think they already found out because we lost access to the backdoored servers,” the seller said, according to Motherboard. “It’s backed up in multiple places.”

A T-mobile representative said the firm is “aware of claims made in an underground forum” and is “actively investigating their validity.”

“We do not have any additional information to share at this time,” the representative added.

The transactions are extremely hard to trace and cryptocurrencies are under cyberattacks.

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