The Best Ice Cream places in Karachi you must visit!

Anoushia JabeenWeb Editor

06th Aug, 2021. 04:58 pm

Just imagine Aliens descending on Earth, specifically in Karachi and searching for something sweet and cold to calm their nerves. Which places would you recommend to the ‘new species’ so that when they return to their planet, they return happy. We have compiled a list of Must Visit Ice Cream shops in Karachi for them and for you to visit, and give your tongue the sweetness it misses in the hot weather.

1)      Kaybees – The King Of Ice Cream

If you are a Karachi-ite, you are a Kaybees-ite as well, for it’s hard not to love Kaybees when in Karachi. The ice-cream parlour has been around for 40 years and has branched its way into Paratha Rolls, Biryani etc., but when it began, it was Fast Food and Ice Cream. Especially the yummy Cone where the special design makes it irresistible. With as many as a dozen branches in Kay town, Kaybees has become the King of Ice Cream that has no competition. Try their signature Coffee Vanilla Cone when you are there with friends, but the heavenly Mango ice cream when alone, for no one wants to share it, even if you wanted to. As for the price, it is so reasonable that it’s unbelievable!

2)      Ice Berg

Do you like to savour a delectable Blueberry ice cream at a reasonable price that is so good that you want it again and again? Ice Berg is the place to go. It is one of Karachi’s oldest ice cream shops, with a reputation for selling high-quality products. Situated in the old area of Saddar, near Chilloo Kabab, it is worth every penny. Mark it as a must-go place with your friends and family the next time you crave ice cream!

3)      Dip Shop

Dip Shop started the trend of modern ice cream in Karachi and began from a small shop at Schon Circle. Today there are half a dozen Dip Shops in the city, offering Mix-Ins, Sundaes and  Shakes. If you haven’t had an Ice Cream that is mixed with your favourite chocolate or want to have Smarties as a topping on your ice cream, there is no place better than Dip Shop for you. And yes, the price is right, and you get your money’s worth here.

4)      Baskin Robbins

Not all ice cream parlors do justice to the flavors the way Baskin Robbins does. The new Baskins may not be much different from the one that ruled Karachi till the 90s, but it is far more convenient and scrumptious. With so many flavors to choose from, in so little time, Baskin Robbins commands more than a trip to understand what makes their ice cream, magical!

5)      Baloch Ice Cream

Despite having a multitude of competitors, Baloch Ice Cream continues to stand out among the locals for its service and quality product. They’re recognized for their inventive menu, particularly the flavors of their Pakistani-style faloodas, Peshawari Ice Cream, and Crunch. Baloch Ice Cream is a must-visit if you want to experience something different while staying within your budget.

6)      Hot Spot Café

Whether it’s a quiet celebration of four or a large gathering, spicy cuisine must be followed by a dessert, and no one does it better than Hot Spot Cafe. Not only does it have an interior that reminds you of Hollywood and Lollywood, but it is also a must-visit place If you enjoy watching movies as much as eating ice cream. You’ll be delighted to see posters of some of the renowned classics and won’t leave the premises until you’ve taken a great shot with a suitable background to share on social media. And of course, the ice cream is to die for as well.

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