Twitter introduces a new feature to contain spread of false information

Shariq TahirWeb Editor

20th Aug, 2021. 02:34 pm
Twitter introduces a new feature to contain spread of false information

Twitter announced a new feature on Tuesday that will allow users to identify content that may include disinformation, a problem that has only gotten worse throughout the pandemic.

“We’re testing a feature for you to report Tweets that seem misleading – as you see them,” Twitter said from its security account.

Some users in the United States, South Korea, and Australia may see a button after clicking “report tweet” on Tuesday that says “it’s deceptive.”

Users can then be more precise, indicating that the deceptive tweet may contain disinformation regarding “health,” “politics,” or “other.”

“We’re assessing if this is an effective approach so we’re starting small,” Twitter said.

“We may not take action on and cannot respond to each report in the experiment, but your input will help us identify trends so that we can improve the speed and scale of our broader misinformation work.”

Twitter, like Facebook and YouTube, is frequently criticized by critics for failing to do enough to combat the spread of disinformation.

However, because the platform lacks the resources of its Silicon Valley counterparts, it frequently depends on experimental tactics rather than hiring armies of moderators.

As Twitter tightened its misleading policies during the Covid-19 pandemic and the US presidential race between Donald Trump and Joe Biden, such tactics have increased.

For example, Twitter started banning users in March who had received five warnings about spreading false information about vaccines.

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