UAE announces fines of up to Dh50,000 for breaking Covid rules

UAE announces fines of up to Dh50,000 for breaking Covid rules

UAE announces fines of up to Dh50,000 for breaking Covid rules

DUBAI: The UAE government has updated the fines and penalties for violating Covid safety rules and measures in the UAE, Khaleej Times reported.

The updated list specifies fines ranging from Dh1,000 to Dh50,000 for violating quarantine instructions; non-compliance with the safety rules like use of masks and social distancing; spreading fake news, information or coronavirus-related rumours; and vehicle capacity.

Dr Hamad Saif Al Shamsi, UAE attorney general, issued the list on Saturday, August 21, 2021. He urged the residents to abide by the law and follow the rules for their own safety and for others.

Here is a list of the key fines:

Mandatory hospitalisation, quarantine rules


Dh50,000 fine:

Violating mandatory hospitalisation or refraining from taking the prescribed treatment, despite being informed.

Failing to adhere to home quarantine instructions according to a special guide in this regard. Failure to get retested as per health procedures, or refraining from the implementation of such instructions.

Failing to adhere to the quarantine facility instructions which are determined by the relevant authorities, and getting retested according to health procedures, or refraining from implementing the same.

Dh20,000 fine:

Evading the implementation of precautionary measures or avoiding quarantine instructions specified by the relevant authorities, including the following:


Cheating or providing incorrect information

Deliberately not disclosing the details of individuals coming to the country from abroad or not completing quarantine procedures as required by the relevant authorities.

Recruiting workers or domestic servants from abroad and not disclosing their arrival, or not subjecting them to quarantine procedures as required by the relevant authorities.


Dh10,000 fine: Not registering on contact tracing app; or not wearing tracking devices; or deliberately damaging them.

Dh1,000 fine: Losing or damaging e-tracking devices or accessories.


Dh20,000 fine: Hacking applications or systems related to tracking quarantine cases; damaging, deleting or changing the programme/system/relevant website; obtaining related information without permission; attempting any of these actions.

Dh10,000 fine: Unjustified refraining from notifying the call centre about the loss or damage of the e-tracking device after 24 hours from the time the connection had been lost with the quarantined person.

Operating hours of businesses

Dh50,000 fine for shopping malls: Dh30,000 for other facilities for:

Non-compliance with the instructions related to closing or opening educational institutions, cinemas, sports, amusement parks, commercial centres, shopping centres, markets, shops, gardens, parks, cafes, restaurants, beaches, sports training centres, public swimming pools, hotel swimming pools and similar facilities.

Non-compliance with instructions related to organizing recreational activities and events held in closed areas within establishments and centres referred to in the previous paragraph.


Non-compliance with the instructions related to receiving guests at any organisation, establishment or centre.

The provisions of the previous clauses shall apply to establishments and lands if they change their activities for purposes other than the originally intended, without violating any measures stipulated in other laws or decisions.

Dh5,000 fine:

For non-compliance with placing posters explaining that the service providers in the facilities and centres have completed the approved vaccination or that they are regularly taking PCR tests.

Dh10,000 fine:

Violating the precautionary measures and guidelines adopted by the relevant authorities related to operating or suspending tourist maritime trips.


Dh20,000 fine:

Failure of the establishment/facility to report about the workers who have tested positive for Covid-19 to health authorities despite the person in charge of the facility being aware of the case.

Dh20,000 fine:

Organising quarantine areas in private establishments.

Dh10,000 fine: Not performing regular PCR tests for workers or service providers during the period decided by the relevant authorities.

Violations related to holding gatherings, meetings and celebrations


Dh10,000 fine for organisers; Dh5,000 for invitees for:

Violating the resolutions or instructions issued by the relevant authorities regarding the following:

Preventing or restricting gatherings and meetings inside houses, lounges, ranches, chalets, yachts, shops, or open areas inside residential complexes.

Dh50,000 fine for organisers and Dh15,000 for invitees for:

Organising social events, such as weddings, funerals, parties, seminars, or similar events.

Dh10,000 fine for organisers if: Violating the instructions related to allowing a certain number of invitees, social distancing rules, or any precautionary measures relevant to organising events.


Dh20,000 fine for flat or real estate owner for: Violating the instructions established by the relevant authorities, regarding accommodating a group of people in one flat or residential unit, or accommodating workers in unlicensed places.

Individuals coming from abroad

Dh5,000 fine for: Violating precautionary measures related to individuals entering the country from abroad.

Failure to wear masks

Dh3,000 fine for not wearing masks while:

Entering closed public spaces, shopping malls and public transportation.


Walking in crowded open places.

In private transportation, excluding the following cases:

  1. If only the driver was in the vehicle.
  2. Family members and their domestic servants.
  3. Second-degree relatives.
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Dh5,000 fine for firms, Dh500 for workers for failing to wear masks at workplaces and shared housing for workers.

Allowed number of passengers in one vehicle:

Dh3,000 fine for drivers.

Motorcycles (driver only)

Pickup trucks (driver and one passenger)


Other vehicles (driver and two passengers)

The following exceptions are applicable:

Family members and their domestic servants.

Second-degree relatives.

Social distancing measures

Dh3,000 fine for not following social distancing rules as decided by the relevant authorities.


Dh20,000 fine for shopping malls and Dh10,000 for other facilities for:

Non-installation of thermal cameras.

Non-compliance with an establishment’s capacity.

Violating social distancing measures.

Allowing crowding.

Refusing to undergo medical tests


Dh5,000 fine for refusing or refraining from undergoing regular PCR tests on set dates or upon the request of relevant authorities.

Dh1,000 fine for not retesting for Covid-19 within two weeks or upon the request of relevant authorities in government health labs, or undergoing testing without need or request.

Tuition classes

Dh30,000 for teacher and Dh20,000 for owner/person responsible for the place where tuitions are imparted.

Promoting fake news

Dh20,000 fine for promoting or publishing misleading news, information or rumours about health information related to the Covid-19 pandemic or the precautionary measures implemented by the relevant authorities; or encouraging people to not comply with these measures or attempting to ridicule them.


Data privacy

Dh20,000 fine for collecting, copying, broadcasting, disclosing, publishing, transferring or circulating health information of Covid-19 patients or those who are treated or tested by health authorities; or deleting, destroying or changing any relevant information.

Dh10,000 fine for changing, modifying or creating data or information in messages, reports or the results related to Covid-19 tests conducted by licenced public or private health authorities, or using relevant information with the intent of evading the decisions, measures and instructions issued by the relevant authorities.

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