Who are the models of vulgar photoshoot in front of Quaid-e-Azam statue and who is responsible for it?

Raba NoorWeb Editor

04th Aug, 2021. 09:34 pm
vulgar photoshoot

A few days ago, pictures of an extremely vulgar photoshoot in front of the Quaid-e-Azam statue in Islamabad went viral.

Who are the models of this vulgar photoshoot and who is responsible for it?

The couple can be seen wearing obscene clothes for a photoshoot. The shoot was done in front of the Quaid-e-Azam statue which has sparked outrage online, and a lot of people have criticized this act.

The question is, why are obscenity and nudity being encouraged? And even if it is being done, why does it have to be somewhere near Quaid-e-Azam memorial? Did the Quaid work day and night for such freedom?

Who are the models of this photoshoot?

The boy in the photoshoot is Zulfiqar and the girl is KC, from New York.

Keep in mind that these two are playing a vital role in promoting homosexuality. The brand is a musical brand called Mystic Poetry.

According to a private website, the brand Mystic Poetry is also sponsored by the Pro Pakistani Group.

Who did this photoshoot? Who is responsible for this?

This photoshoot has been done by the liberal class community living in Pakistan who organized the women’s march in Pakistan and rallied the women’s march in Karachi and different parts of the country including Islamabad; hence, they are responsible for it.

Zulfiqar and KC, from the Mystic Poetry brand, performed when the Aurat March was staged at Frere Hall in Karachi in 2020.

However, they were later asked by a liberal group to do such a photoshoot.

Who is the clothing designer?

The dress worn in this vulgar photoshoot is designed by Raja Wasey, who identifies himself as a drag artist on Instagram.

However, in this photoshoot, quite immoral clothes were worn which is completely contrary to Pakistani traditions and it was a western dress, not only the girl but also the boy was dressed like a girl and it is clear that these people are from the country.

Who is the photographer of this photoshoot?

This photoshoot was taken by a photographer named Eman Mahsud.

Eman Mahsud, a photographer, is said to be from Islamabad and plays placards and photo shoots that have nothing to do with our culture in promoting liberalism.

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