A hundred smart contracts in initial 24 hours as Alonzo drives live on ADA

Syed AhadWeb Editor

16th Sep, 2021. 09:13 pm
smart contracts

The move looks to have thrilled investors and developers, more than 100 smart contracts placed to the blockchain in the twenty-four hours following the unveiling of the smart contract ability on Cardano main net.

This is the beginning of a significant trend of adoption for Cardano – a project often suspect of having no useful product – and will lead to further increases as ADA sets as the third-largest cryptocurrency asset.

News of the Alonzo upgrades concluding has urged the insatiable ADA price act, which in the past three months has seen Cardano rise a 195% rally from $1.02 to a remarkable $3.01.

The IOHK team is by now working widely with the Ethiopian government to mix blockchain technologies in national directorial infrastructure.

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