Artists selling superhero NFTs prohibited by Marvel and DC

Syed AhadWeb Editor

14th Sep, 2021. 10:57 pm

The comic book publication monsters want to uphold sole control of their intellectual property in the NFT galaxy.

Marvel and DC appear to be breaking away from the well-known tradition of letting creators and artists sell innovative prints of published works due to their reported strategies for access into the nonfungible token (NFT) space.

As per Bloomberg, the two comic book staples have lined artists from selling NFTs of the characters they make for the firm.

Both Marvel and DC apparently have designs on leveraging their massive collection of comic book art in the increasing NFT scene, possibly a different market for selling collectibles.

Certainly, Marvel has by now made ventures into the NFT space, selling digital collectibles of the Spider-Man character back in August.

By stopping artists from selling imitative works based on their comic book formations, the likes of Marvel and DC could be excluding creators from an important profits source.

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